About Tasuki (sash)

A tasuki is a fashion accessory used for holding up the long sleeves of the Japanese kimono. It is a sash made from either cloth or cord that loops over each shoulder and crosses over the wearer's back. The bottom of the kimono sleeves can then be tucked into the loop, holding them back for convenience and functionality.
The actions of priests at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo have generated controversy across East Asia

Shinto religious objects – The Kami worship

There is no universally agreed definition of Shinto. However some scholars define Shinto as the belief in "kami", the supernatural entities at the centre of the religion. Shinto encompasses doctrines, institutions, ritual, and communal life based on kami worship. Various scholars have referred to practitioners of Shinto as Shintoists, although this term has no direct translation in the Japanese language. This is a list of some religious objects used for the practice of .