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The ‘Yogatantra’ () ‘conveyance’ is the most sublime of the three . It includes a class of literature as well as ‘praxis’ associated with this class. The key text in this class is the Tattvasamgraha . The Yogatantra yana is evident in both the Sarma traditions of as well as the Nine Yana path of the Nyingmapa tradition.

Buddha Vairochana Thangka

Buddha Vairocana – The embodiment of Dharmakaya

is a who has also known as the embodiment of and therefore can be seen as the universal aspect of the historical . In Sino-Japanese , he seems to the embodiment of the concept of shunyata or Emptiness. In the fifth Buddhism Conception of , he is at the center. His consort is . The Vairocana statue in Nara’s Todai-Ji which is located in is the .