75 Cm tibetan kalachakra mandala
75 Cm tibetan kalachakra mandala

75 Cm tibetan kalachakra mandala


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75 Cm tibetan kalachakra mandala is hand painted on cotton canvas with 75 x 75 cm dimensions. The Sanskrit name Kalachakra, which literally translates to “Cycle of Time” in English, is made up of the elements Kala, which means “Time,” and chakra, which means “Cycle.”

Weight 100 Grams
Size 75 x 75 cm
Material Cotton Canvas, Minerals Color

Outer Kalachakra: the outside world, the cosmos, and its cycles of emergence and disintegration.

Inner Kalachakra: the sentient beings living in the universe, and the cycles of death and birth and internal flows of breath and energy;

Alternative Kalachakra: It is the process of purification that a person engages in to transform ordinary death, birth, and manifestation on both a personal and a universal level—processes that are typically uncontrolled influenced by the passage of time—into the fully Enlightened condition of full Buddhahood.


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