Big Kalachakra Mandala
Big Kalachakra Mandala

Big Kalachakra Mandala


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Big Kalachakra Mandala is beautifully handpainted on cotton canvas in Nepal with a golden background and fine details.

Kalachakra is a Sanskrit word that means “Time wheel”. It refers to one of the most complex philosophies and meditation practices within tantric Buddhism.

The Kalachakra Mandala represents a big palace with 5 distinct levels. Every detail of the mandala, from each deity to every adornment of the building, refers to time and the universe or physical and mental aspects as well as the practice.

The Kalachakra mandala represents the wheel of our lives, and the time we have in this world to make peace with ourselves.

This beautiful artwork also symbolizes both individual and universal peace and meditating in front of it helps to restore physical and mental balance.

Mantra of Kalachakra

Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha.




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