Buddha's Eyes Mantra Mandala with 8 auspicious symbol

Buddha’s Eyes Mantra Mandala with 8 auspicious symbol

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Buddha’s Eyes Mantra Mandala is hand painted by the artist in Nepal. In the inner circle there is buddha eye which is also known as wisdom eyes and they look out in the four directions to symbolize the omniscience of a Buddha.

In another layer of the mandala, the mantra is repeated in 12 lines. In the outer layer, there are 8 auspicious symbols which are the important symbols in Buddhism.

Om Mani Padme Hum is repeated in the outer circle which adds the beauty of mandala.

These mandalas are used as meditation tool which helps to bring one further down the path of enlightenment. The four corners of the mandala are decorated with flowers which give the essence of love and harmony among the real and the spiritual world.



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