Mandala of Medicine Buddha

Mandala of Medicine Buddha

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Mandala of the Medicine Buddha is beautifully handcrafted by the professional artist from Kathmandu Nepal.

In this mandala, we can see Shakyamuni Buddha, as Bhaisajyaguru, the Medicine Buddha, sits on a throne engraved with gems at the center of the palace, at the center of Sudarsana, the city of medicine.

He is sitting upon a lotus and moon disc. His body is blue in color. He is surrounded by layers of mantras.

His right hand, in the gesture of granting sublime realizations, rests on his right knee and holds the stem of an aura plant between his thumb and index finger.

His left hand, in the gesture of concentration, holds a lapis lazuli bowl filled with medicinal nectar. He is seated in the vajra posture.


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