Newari style - Amitabha Buddha Thangka Painting

Newari style – Amitabha Buddha Thangka Painting


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This Thangka was hand-made in Kathmandu, Nepal and is 52*73 cm in size. It was created on Cotton Canvas.

Weight 100 Grams
Size 52*73 cm
Material Cotton Canvas and Mixed Color

Iconography of Amitabha buddha

Amitabha Buddha is depicted as the head of the White Tara in the Thangka painting. He is a part of the Lotus Family, which is one of the oldest and most important of the Five Buddha Families, symbolizing love, purity, compassion, and peace. Amitabha’s Pure Land is a place of eternal joy and limitless radiance.

Amitabha Buddha is one of the five Tathagatas, which symbolize wisdom and discriminating awareness. He is typically depicted as red in color and is usually seen riding on a peacock, signifying his ability to take away the suffering of others, just as the peacock can eat poisonous plants without being harmed. He is usually found in stupas facing west.

Mantra of Amitabha Buddha

The mantra of Amitabha Buddha is Om Ami Dewa hr.


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