Ruins of the ancient settlement, likely that of Pandit Vihar
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Ruins of an ancient Buddhist university Pandit Vihar discovered

A group of archaeologists from the Archaeology Departments of Chattogram, Sylhet, and Comilla in Bangladesh have discovered the remains of an old settlement, thought to be the renowned university Pandit Vihar, in the Biswamura area of Karnaphuli in Chattogram district.

A team of 10 trained archaeologists began their excavation on the 16th of September, as reported by The Daily Star newspaper in Bangladesh.

A. K. M. Saifur Rahman, the regional director of the Archaeology Department in Chattogram, reported that the research revealed that the region was populated between the eighth and 12th centuries.

He noted that the bricks found were comparable to those located at Mahasthangarh, a historical site in Bangladesh situated in Shibganj upazila of Bogura.


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