Thangka Art and Devotion with Sarika Singh and Master Locho
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Thangka Art and Devotion with Sarika Singh and Master Locho

Locho is an esteemed who has devoted his life to maintaining and spreading awareness of endangered .

He was tutored by Master Tempa Choephel, a teacher at the renowned in , and has since become a renowned figure in his specialized school of lineage protection.

His gorgeous is still on display at the entrance of Kangra Airport, and he was once the official thangka painter for the .

Dr. Singh is the only female thangka master in the world with the endorsement of His Holiness, making her a unique figure as she is female, non-, and not based in .

Together, they have created a beautiful collection of that show the journey of , the female , , and .

The Tara Gallery of the is home to an impressive collection of 40 created by Master Locho, which took him and his partner over two decades to amass.

Nine of these are part of the Tara series, depicting the journey of from to and back again.

These stunning pieces are painted in gold, silver, and minerals, featuring breathtaking and that left me in awe.


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