Jonathan Rotenberg
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Jonathan Rotenberg – Meditation practitioner and philanthropist

Jonathan Rotenberg has had a diverse career, taking on various roles such as executive coach, management consultant, philanthropist, and now .

Despite his educational background in economics from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Jonathan’s impact on the world began during his high school years.

In 1977, he founded The Boston Computer Society, which quickly became the primary global platform for computer companies to showcase their newest and most innovative products to the public.

Jonathan’s achievements with BCS received extensive media coverage, including mentions in magazine and CBS Evening News.

Additionally, he was recognized by the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs as one of the “Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in America.”

Jonathan has been practicing for many years and has been a consistent participant and supporter of the Society (IMS) since 2006.

During this month, John Spalding from IMS had a meeting with Jonathan at a coffee shop in Harvard Square.

They talked about Jonathan’s early achievements in the business world, his ongoing projects (including a book he is writing about ), and the journey that brought him to IMS.


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