Buddhist Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Training Expands at Sati Center
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Buddhist Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Training Expands at Sati Center

In September 2024, the Sati Center is launching its 22nd yearlong “Introduction to Chaplaincy” program, originally initiated by , , and .

This comprehensive training equips participants with essential spiritual care skills crucial for professional and volunteer chaplaincy roles in environments like hospitals and prisons.

It also serves as a foundational training in spiritual and pastoral care within Buddhist communities, emphasizing compassionate service and support.

Over the years, this program has expanded its to include specialized tracks.

In 2019, it introduced “Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy,” addressing spiritual care in relation to environmental issues.

Recognizing the need for accessibility, the original program went online in 2020, enabling remote participation. Additionally, starting in October 2024, the Sati Center will launch the “Anukampa Training,” a condensed version of the Buddhist Chaplaincy program.

This new training focuses on aspects of Buddhist practice and chaplaincy that support , appealing to those interested in personal spiritual maturation along the , irrespective of chaplaincy aspirations.

These initiatives underscore the Sati Center’s commitment to providing diverse and accessible avenues for spiritual care training, integrating Buddhist principles with contemporary challenges and expanding the scope of compassionate service within and beyond settings.


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