Pope Francis greets Mongolian Buddhist leaders at the Vatican
Buddhistdoor Global (BDG)

Buddhist Leaders to Take Part in Interfaith Dialogue with Pope in Mongolia

Pope Francis has declared that he will be making a trip to Mongolia this week, from August 31st to September 4th. This will be the pontiff’s inaugural visit to the country, and is part of his efforts to strengthen ties between the Catholic Church and worldwide.

Bishop Giorgio Marengo of Ulaanbaatar visited the pope one year ago to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Christian missionaries entering Mongolia after the country’s independence from the Soviet Union and the adoption of a new constitution. This event also marked the beginning of official diplomatic ties between Mongolia and the Vatican.

The Catholic population of Mongolia has grown significantly in the past 17 years, increasing from fewer than 200 to 1,500 in a nation of 3.4 million people.


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