Compassion, Buddhism, and AI Alignment
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Compassion, Buddhism, and AI Alignment

In an upcoming talk researcher , alongside fellow researchers from the Center for the of Apparent Selves, will focus on the critical importance of mitigating the risks associated with misaligned systems.

This discussion will underscore the urgent need to prioritize the of AI goals, considering the potential catastrophic outcomes if left unchecked, comparable to other global risks like pandemics.

Colognese will delve into the intersection between and AI alignment, aiming to explore how can play a pivotal role in shaping the development of safe and beneficial AI systems.

Drawing from Buddhist principles, the talk will seek to uncover insights into fostering AI systems that not only prioritize alignment with human values but also embody compassion as a fundamental guiding principle.

With a background rooted in mathematics, Colognese’s research primarily revolves around formulating a comprehensive theory regarding agents and their goals.

His aims to devise effective and methodologies for identifying, interpreting, and controlling the objectives of AI agents.

Ultimately, these endeavors aspire to address the inherent challenges of deceptive alignment in AI development, promising solutions to enhance the safety and ethical integrity of AI systems in the future.


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