Conference - Exploring the intersection of Buddhism, consciousness, and AI
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Conference – Exploring the intersection of Buddhism, consciousness, and AI

From June 21 to 23, 2024, the Woodenfish Foundation will host the 5th Woodenfish Forum on , Science, and Future at the Grand Hotel in Taipei. The conference, titled “Buddhism, , and AI,” will explore the intersections between , , and technological advancements in .

Dr. , Executive Director of the , will represent his institution at this prestigious event. Dr. Doctor is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion on AI and Ethics, presenting a talk titled “Building : Towards a Model of Powerful, Reliable, and Caring Intelligence.” This session will delve into the ethical considerations of AI from a Buddhist perspective, addressing how technological developments can align with principles of and mindfulness.

The conference will feature an impressive lineup of scholars and practitioners, including , , , and , who will discuss various aspects of Buddhist consciousness and modern science. Subsequent panels will explore AI’s role in Buddhist ethics, metaphysics, and practical applications within Buddhist contexts.

This event promises rich discussions on the convergence of and modern technology, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of how AI can be ethically integrated into society while respecting and enhancing human consciousness and ethical values.


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