Exploring Li Yong-jun's Dunhuang Art Studio
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Exploring Li Yong-jun’s Dunhuang Art Studio

In this article shares his experience visiting the studio of Li Yong-jun, a prominent painter specializing in , in his recent report.

Raymond details Li’s esteemed reputation within an collective devoted to Dunhuang art and highlights his recognition by Zhang Daqin’s son, a significant figure in the field.

Li’s , whether faithfully depicting weathered reality or subtly enhanced for restoration, evoke awe with their reverence for original mural art.

During his visit, Raymond observes Li assisting a student with a replica of the Moon Guan Yin at Yulin Grottoes, surrounded by Li’s own artistic accomplishments adorning the studio walls.

Li’s balanced and naturalistic approach, including the use of sediment from the Mogao Grottoes’ riverbed as a base, adds depth and authenticity to his .

Despite Li’s primary residence in Dunhuang, Raymond notes his occasional travels to other cities, driven by his appreciation for good food, wine, and lively company.

Nonetheless, Li remains deeply rooted in Dunhuang’s cultural heritage, evident in his discussions on topics like the Tangut Empire and his commitment to preserving its artistic legacy.

Raymond’s report not only provides insights into Li’s artistic process but also reflects the enduring teacher-student relationship between Li and his student, symbolizing the continuity of artistic traditions across generations.


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