Harnessing our collective power for the betterment of the Earth
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Harnessing our collective power for the betterment of the Earth

In this talk urges practitioners to recognize the as a nurturing mother and a compassionate witness to our actions.

Yongey stresses the significance of individual efforts in addressing environmental challenges, advocating for small yet impactful actions like reducing pollution and conserving resources.

He highlights as a potent for fostering positive change, emphasizing the transformative power of the and the potential for wishes made during meditation to manifest into reality.

Furthermore, Yongey draws connections between meditation and quantum physics, suggesting that our intentions and decisions during meditation can shape the future world.

By dedicating our actions to the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants, Yongey asserts that each individual can contribute to restoring balance and harmony on a global scale.

Whether through planting trees or integrating environmental concerns into meditation practice, Yongey encourages practitioners to harness the collective power of their actions for the betterment of the Earth and all living beings.


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