How Zen became Chan?
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How Zen became Chan?

In this video, from the University of Michigan discusses the historical context surrounding the publication of Venerable ’s book, “The Orthodox Path of the School,” in 1981.

The book aimed to convince people who had lost faith in Buddhism that it was worth saving and practicing.

The video highlights the national conference for clergy held in 1945, which led to the abolition of colonial-era law, and the establishment of the Kayaking at the for clergy training.

The retreat societies at the monastery were established in 1947, in response to a retrogressive that emphasized strict monastic rules and .

The video also discusses the retirement of in post-war Korea, and the establishment of Toge Order by Tegupu, a non-celibate , in 1947.

The ongoing debate over the founding patriarch of Korean Sun has also been discussed.


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