Indo-Thai collaboration on Buddha’s relics trip to Thailand
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Indo-Thai collaboration on Buddha’s relics trip to Thailand

covered the Indo-Thai collaboration on the trip of ’s skullbone relics to Thailand in February-March 2024.

With her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of , Adele’s reporting captured the of this historic event.

The journey was meticulously planned and executed, involving key figures such as Niraj Kumar, the Joint Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Culture and leading Kālacakra scholar and translator.

The relics were escorted from the National in New Delhi to three sites in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani, and Krabi.

The grand welcoming ceremony in Bangkok, attended by the Thai and Prime Minister along with Indian government officials, underscored the significance of the event in strengthening bilateral relations.

Throughout the journey, millions of visitors paid their respects to the relics, demonstrating the enduring devotion and reverence for Buddha’s .

The trip not only served as a spiritual pilgrimage but also fostered deeper connections and understanding between the people of and Thailand.

The collaboration exemplified the power of cultural diplomacy in building bridges of trust and friendship between nations, transcending geographical boundaries and promoting harmony and mutual respect.

As the relics returned to India, they left a lasting legacy of shared heritage and goodwill, paving the way for continued cooperation and partnership in the future.


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