Peace is not about Love and Hatred

When we , like, hate or dislike an object, a person, a living being or a non-living object, that is not reality. When we like something, it is not based on a truly realistic view of the object. If it is and you can check it, based on a true, realistic of the object we are attached to or like then our to or liking the object or a person must be permanent.

But if that person says something to us that we don’t like, we may start to dislike them. Yesterday, we could have been the best of friends, and we praised them from here to high heaven tomorrow, we could absolutely dislike them.

Our perception of a person or an object can change so fast. It is proof that our perception is the enemy.

View on Objects

At the same , the object that we like can be disliked by other people and the object that we dislike can be liked by other people. Therefore, the object itself doesn’t have an inherent or intrinsic nature to be liked or disliked. It is our afflicted that sees an object and says, “we like” or “we don’t like”. When we see an object and we like it, we build on it.

View on People

When we see a beautiful girl, we think that since she’s beautiful, she’s going to stay beautiful, that there’s no way she will get fat, old, sick or lose her beauty. We also think that she will have a beautiful family, a wonderful job and a great, clean house. Everything about her is going to be fabulous because she is beautiful. We have this afflictive perception of the object and are attracted to it.

When we meet reality, we think, “Why is she like that? How can she talk or act like that?” We always ask why things are like that. It is because they are like that but we had thought that they were otherwise.

When we dislike something or when someone says something to us that we don’t like, we automatically start to dislike that person. They might have had a bad day or a problem at the time, and said something unpleasant to us. Instantly, our afflicted perceptions build upon what they said to us. We think, “Since they’re rude to me, they’re also ugly.

They probably eat unhealthy foods, they’ve probably got diseases and they probably don’t have any friends. They probably have bad businesses, they have ugly, mean parents, they have nasty siblings and even their dog has rabies.”

But the minute we hear that perhaps that person’s mother has had a car accident, and is now in a serious condition in the hospital, our perception changes immediately. We start to feel sorry for that person. Our perception of a person or an object can change so fast. It is proof that our perception is the enemy. We perceive wrongly. Perception is to see, hear, feel, touch, taste, and smell to perceive wrongly is afflicted because it brings about affliction and there is something wrong with it.

Afflictive Emotion

Affliction is a disease, something that makes you suffer or makes you unwell. Mental affliction arises from the same cause as a result. Therefore, mental affliction arises from a distorted mental perception. Change yourself by realizing that all perception is afflicted. Since it is afflicted, it can be changed and since it can be changed, you will get the opposite result if you change it. Don’t complain you’re lonely. If you complain that you’re lonely to anybody in this room, they’re going to tell you, “You have A.E! Afflictive Emotion.” Think about it. You’ve got A.E. syndrome, I’ve got A.E. syndrome, and we’re all talking about it.

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