Steps in Selecting a Thangka

The choice of a is very personal and we encourage our guests to be selective, finding just the right piece that speaks to the heart. Here are several factors to keep in mind while looking.

  1. Quality – Thangkas can be found in any quality from very poor to very high. The higher the quality, the more expensive. Some indicators of high quality are intricate detail (look at facial features, deity clothing patterns), the elegance of style (accurate proportions and spatial ratios according to tradition), subtlety of , the use of and pure gold (rather than gold paint), and an exceptional (or workshop).
  2. Purpose – A quality thangka is a feast for the eyes and is a worthwhile investment for that reason alone. Additionally, have been aided by these for many centuries and continue to be enhanced by them.
  3. Symbolism – The purpose for which one acquires a thangka will determine, in large part, the design, and thus any symbolism, in the painting. Our thangkas include symbolism helpful for shamanic focus and Buddhist practices as well as immersion in an aspect of Himalayan culture.
  4. Brocaded or unframed – Traditionally, thangkas hung in places of were brocaded, however, even in temples today large pieces are often framed. Final location and personal taste may determine whether or not to choose a brocade hanging or to frame one yourself.
  5. Color scheme – Different colors resonate differently with each of us. Color choice may be dictated by purpose, though many deities are depicted in a range of color palettes. This boils down to personal preference.

The Thangkas represented at .life are those  Thangkas are of exceptional quality, hand-painted by Nepali artists. These paintings are sacred creations. They are masterpieces of Spiritual art, representing months of meditative discipline and dedication on the part of the artists. Through the use of traditional pigments, including pure gold, and artistry honed through decades, these thangkas exhibit exquisite style and sublime energy.

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