Scott Snibbe on self-compassion as a precursor to self-improvement
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Scott Snibbe on self-compassion as a precursor to self-improvement

In this talk delves into the of , renunciation, and interdependence within .

Expressing gratitude for the Center for Studies’ adaptation to the virtual era, Scott introduces self- as a vital precursor to self-improvement, aligning it with the concept of renunciation.

He defines renunciation not as deprivation but as the pursuit of inner , akin to taking the red pill in “The Matrix,” symbolizing an inward journey for lasting contentment.

Scott underscores the importance of shedding self-destructive delusions, fostering compassion, and understanding the dualistic nature of Buddhist principles.

The narrative explores how embracing interdependence can lead to genuine compassion and a profound sense of connectedness, challenging listeners to relinquish and while nurturing self-forgiveness and rejoicing in positive actions.

Scott’s discourse culminates in a call for a shift towards more uplifting experiences in media, advocating for a collective journey towards and interconnectedness.


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Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe
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