Subversive Sanskrit Studies with Bihani Sarkar
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Subversive Sanskrit Studies with Bihani Sarkar

The discussion with , a Calcutta-born, Oxford-educated scholar, explores classical literature, pre-modern Indian , and traditions.

Currently a lecturer at Lancaster University, Sarkar’s commitment to accessibility in Sanskrit studies is evident. Her expertise in early Indian politics, , and literature spans the 2nd to 15th centuries CE.

Sarkar’s research, notably on Śākta traditions, delves into metaphysics, power dynamics, and their role in state development. Her recent book, “Classical Sanskrit Tragedy,” showcases her multidimensional scholarship.

The conversation touches on marginalized voices in Sanskrit studies, the portrayal of wild women and in Sanskrit poetry, and Shaktism as a standalone feminist tradition.

Sarkar reflects on the cultural understanding debate, emphasizing the importance of valuing origins. The episode concludes with Sarkar sharing her journey as an “accidental academic.”

In , the podcast offers a condensed yet rich exploration of Sanskrit , Indian history, and religious traditions through Sarkar’s expert insights.


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