Thubten Chodron: How to Create Harmony
Tushita Meditation Centre

Thubten Chodron on How to Create Harmony

In this talk Venerable emphasizes the importance of fostering harmony in communities.

Drawing from personal experiences and , she highlights in speech and actions, , and recognizing interconnectedness with others.

Thubten Chodron discusses the detrimental effects of self-centeredness and violation of ethical conduct on community harmony, advocating for positive qualities and expressing appreciation.

She underscores the power of words to either foster harmony or cause harm and suggests practicing to prevent negativity.

Throughout the discussion, she encourages individuals to take responsibility for their behavior, apologize for wrongdoings, and cultivate empathy and generosity to create a more harmonious society.

Thubten Chodron’s insights offer practical guidance on creating a cooperative and considerate community, emphasizing the transformative potential of mindfulness and compassion in interpersonal relationships.


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