Transforming Anger - Insights from Thubten Chodron
Sravasti Abbey - US

Transforming Anger – Insights from Thubten Chodron

In this talk Venerable addresses the nature of and its transformative potential.

She explores the negative impact of anger on relationships by sharing thoughtful insights and personal stories, highlighting how it often stems from unfulfilled expectations and self-centered thinking.

Thubten Chodron draws from her own experiences and societal examples to illustrate the destructive cycle of anger, urging viewers to engage in self-evaluation and practices to effectively manage their emotions.

She highlights the tendency to shift blame onto others for anger and stresses the importance of taking personal responsibility for emotional responses.

Furthermore, Thubten Chodron explores the complexities of anger stemming from trauma, advocating for towards oneself and others in the process of .

She discusses forgiveness and understanding as transformative , encouraging viewers to embrace empathy and acknowledge their mistakes.

Throughout the conversation, Thubten Chodron shares her aspirations for and the alleviation of for all beings, emphasizing the profound impact of cultivating compassion and in working with anger.


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