About Dré Gyalwé Lodrö

Gyelwai Lodro, born to the Dre clan, was an administrator in the court of King Tri Songdetsen before taking ordination. His pre-ordination name was Gonpo. In India, Gyelwai received teachings from Hūṃkāra, an Indian Mahāsiddha, on Yangdak Heruka. He was said to be able to rescue the dead from Yāmarāja, the lord of death. Back in Tibet, he served as a translator and was one of Padmasambhava's twenty-five disciples. Gyelwai's practice of Yangdak Heruka allowed him to live for more than three hundred years, during which time he practiced and spread the teachings. He was also reputed to have had the ability to transform zombies into gold, which he stored in caves and statues for later discovery.

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava also called as Guru Rinpoche were instrumental in the spread of Buddha's teachings throughout Tibet. They emerged as masters, having achieved great wisdom, understanding, and success. These Mahasiddhas are believed to have special future incarnations due to their connection with Padmasambhava's terma treasures. To this day, these disciples continue to be reborn as Tertons, imparting the teachings of Padmasambhava in a contemporary and authentic way to new .