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The Great Renunciation or Great Departure is the traditional term for the departure of Gautama Buddha from his palace at Kapilavastu to live a life as an ascetic. It is called the Great Renunciation because of the great sacrifice it entails. Most accounts of this event can be found in post-canonical Buddhist texts from several Buddhist traditions, which contain the most complete accounts. These are, however, of a more mythological nature. Most well-known of these is the Jātakanidāna, a commentary to the Jātaka attributed to Buddhaghosa.

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mandala pratisara

Intrepreting Mandala of Pratisara

Pratisara and the Pancha is also known as Fifty-six Deity . is a belonging to the and sects. She is sometimes presented as the consort of . The life of Pratisara In this portion, we are going to learn about the life of Pratisara, after that short etymological description of the word Pratisara itself. Etymology of the Pratisara Pratisaea is known as the Great fulfiller of wishes. Earlier, we learn about the life of Pratisara. Now .