Life of Buddha Thangka Art
Life of Buddha Thangka Art
Life of Buddha Thangka Art

Life of Buddha Thangka Art


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Life of Buddha Thangka Art is handpainted by Master Lama in Kathmandu Nepal by using vegetable pigments and colors on cotton canvas.

Lama is a title officially extended only to the few dozen Tibetan Buddhist monks who have achieved the highest level of spiritual development.

Lamas are considered to be the highest quality thangka painters and create art exclusively with 24 Carat Gold and Sterling Silver.

Before being “released to the world” these paintings are prayed upon by a Lama and the whole temple, bestowing them with blessings and positive energy.

Some people believe that a painting made by a lama can bring good fortune because lama leaves part of his energy in the painting.

It is said that even looking upon such a painting will place a positive imprint within one’s mind resulting in future happiness. Frequently, these paintings have special protective blessings inscribed at the back of them.

The Thangka painting depicts Life of Buddha, which narrates the most relevant life episodes of the creator of Buddhist philosophy Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. This artwork is meant to be an illustration of the main events of the historical Buddha. It is also considered to be a visual representation of several philosophical aspects of Buddhism, especially the progress towards the achievement of spiritual enlightenment.

Pictured above, are the ‘Twelve Great Deeds of the Buddha’s Life:

  1. His Promise to Take Birth in the Human Realm and Guide Sentient Beings to Enlightenment
  2.  Queen Mayadevi’s Dream
  3. The Birth of Buddha
  4. Buddha’s Early Years and His Worldly Life
  5. The Skilful Conduct of Worldly Affairs
  6. The Four Encounters
  7. The Renunciation of Worldly Life
  8. The Six Years of Austerities
  9. The Defeat of Mara
  10. The Proclamation of the Teachings
  11. The Descent from the Trayatrimsa Heaven
  12. The Passage into Parinirvana


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