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Matsyendra, Matsyendranātha, Macchindranāth or Mīnanātha was a saint and in a number of and . He is traditionally considered the founder of as well as the author of some of its earliest texts. He is also seen as the founder of the natha , having received the from . He is especially associated with kaula shaivism. He is also one of the eighty-four and considered the of Gorakshanath, another important figure in early hatha . He is revered by both and Buddhists and is sometimes regarded as an incarnation of Avalokiteśvara.

Alakh Niranjan – Alakh Niranjan murmu in Yoga tradition

Alakh Niranjan the foundation of spiritual light

meaning Alakh means A-Lakhshana which means: Beyond identifying features (lakhshana) or attributes It refers to Attributeless or Nirguna in here. This idea comes from traditions originating in Swetashwetara Upanishad. This particular Upanishad deals with , Vedantic Monotheism as well as as Sat-Chit-Ananda. Legend of Alakh Niranjan Legend has it, that the slogan or elating cry for the Supreme Being was first coined by Matsyendranath. is popularly .