About Swasthani Barta (Fast)

Shree Swasthani is a Hindu goddess (Parameshwari) and is responsible for the good fortune, welfare and Power. She is mostly worshipped in Nepal in the holy month from poush Shukla purnima to magh Shukla purnima with dedicated rituals. Following such ritutals within this holy month brought many wishes to be fruitful for many. Through the reciting of story, we can find out the changes in fate provided by Goddess in the lives of several persons. But there are moluch more people who worships and have been satisfied by her blessings. She is a mother who loves you so much that, she will not take you go wrong path no matter the steps she takes for so.
The goddess Saraswati

Hindu goddesses – The cosmic powers of the Vedas

Devī is the Sanskrit word for 'goddess'; the masculine form is deva. and deva mean 'heavenly, divine, anything of excellence', and are also gender-specific terms for a deity in . The concept and reverence for goddesses appears in the Vedas, which were composed around the 3rd millennium BCE. Goddesses such as , , , , , and have continued to be revered in the modern era. The medieval era Puranas witness a major .