About Tashi Paljor

Tashi Paljor
The third Kenting Tai Situpa, Tashi Paljor, was born in the earth-horse year to a family descended from the kings of Tibet. He was recognized and enthroned by the seventh Karmapa and from him he received the complete teachings. He resumed the responsibilities of the lineage of Kenting Tai Situpas at Karma Gon monastery.
Spreading the sunlight of the teachings of the two knowledges, Lord Chökyi Jungne, I supplicate you.

The lineage & incarnations of Kenting Tai Situpa

The lineage of the Kenting Tai situpas can be traced to one of the main disciples of the Goutama Buddha, the Bodhisattva . Since that time there have been a successive chain of incarnations, whose achievements are recorded in Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan annals, a direct lineage that continues to the present day. Origin of the Kenting Tai situpa lineage There are twelve incarnations crowned as Kenting Tai Situ till now. Furthermore, according to some historical records and .