pema doing Thangka painting

Pema a Thangka Artist from Bhutan

Pema is a from . He has been and for 15 years. He paints for a living.

Below is the short interview with Pema about his life and path to the .

About Pema

Pema is from Bhutan. He is married and has a family. He does for a living and to provide for his family. He is living in Thimphu Bhutan with his family.

Pema’s Academic qualification

After Higher Secondary education he went to School for 6 years to acquire the of art. He learned painting skill from Sir Rinchen Wangdi. His is also from Thimphu Bhutan and he has learned Art for many years with him.

Pema’s Speciality

He is specialized in drawing and paintings. He does before drawing the art and . He feels that he can use his and brush to create something beautiful and exotic.

It takes nearly 2 months to complete the one masterpiece art. Thangka making process is a hard process. One should be patient and have sharp knowledge about all the small details in the art.

As says:

“All the elements of a Tibetan religious painting have a symbolic value. These symbols serve as aids in developing inner qualities on the spiritual path. The deities themselves are regarded as representing particular characteristics of enlightenment. For example, Manjushri embodies wisdom and Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) embodies compassion. Paying respect to such deities, therefore, has the effect of paying respect to wisdom and compassion, which in turn functions as an inspiration to acquire those qualities within ourselves.“

He has positive faith in life. He wants to move forward in his spiritual path.


What keeps Pema moving forward?

Pema says:

The most important thing is to have faith in life which keep us moving forward. Being an artist. I get more time to do good deeds and avoid bad things, through the paintings that show the bright direction to the world.

He is proud to be an . It is his regular job.

Pema also says:

I am happy because I know what I am doing.



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