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About Chamtrul Rinpoche

Lobsang Gyatso is the recognized of the second Chamtrul , Nangsel Dorje, who was one of the heads of the Mardo Tashi Choeling in and the holy incarnation of the Kathok Chamtrul Kunzig Dorje.

At fourteen, Chamtrul Rinpoche entered his monastery to with his first Root , the Naljor Yeshe . Under this great master he studied the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro), Heat , Great Perfection and more, and completed the Ngondro accumulation three consecutive .

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Compassion in healthcare – Chamtrul Rinpoche

in is extremely important, as the compassionate energy of our can add qualities to the , nursing, or therapy, and to the process of the individual. Therefore, when caring for the sick, try and generate the same heartfelt wish as the great had, when he said, “May I be the doctor and the medicine, And may I be the nurse, For all sick beings in the world, Until .