Buddhist Mantra Mandala

Buddhist Mantra Mandala

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Buddhist Mantra Mandala is hand painted by the artist living in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Mantra Mandala is a device for Tantric meditation.

Buddhist Mantra Mandala visual aid for concentration and introversion meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to activation of forces culminating in “Siddhi” supernatural forces.

The mandala represents “place of purity” a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles. This mandala is so wonderfully hand painted that each and every detail of the mandala can be clearly visible.

In the center of the mandala, OM mantra is written and it is surrounded by small decorative dots. The mandala is composed of 12 lines of mantra in the circular form. Om Mani Padme Hum is repeated 108 times in 12linese.

The outer line of the circle is carved with lotus petals. Lotus petals are the symbol of peace and prosperity. The four corners of the mandala are decorated with beautiful flowers.



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