A meditative reflection on aging and suffering with Jeff Highfill
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

A meditative reflection on aging and suffering with Jeff Highfill

In this led by , he suggests that practitioners begin their practice by expressing gratitude for a new day to enhance their mental well-being and approach their tasks with selfless motives.

He proceeds to explore the unavoidable pain that comes with getting older.

Jeff discusses the physical and mental deterioration that accompanies , such as the gradual decline in physical appearance, stability, and sensory abilities.

He highlights the loss of speech clarity, memory, and the stigma often faced by the elderly.

Jeff notes that these changes can lead to of isolation, of death, and a of diminished .

He highlights that as people age, they often feel abandoned and fearful of what comes after death.

Jeff encourages practitioners to contemplate this deeply and to dedicate their practice to all aged beings, hoping for their release from suffering through or a precious human rebirth.

Throughout the meditation, Jeff’s approach underscores the importance of and towards the elderly.

By understanding and acknowledging the profound suffering that comes with aging, practitioners can cultivate a more empathetic and supportive attitude towards those experiencing this stage of life.


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