A rare glimpse into evolving Tibetan Buddhist traditions and insights
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A rare glimpse into evolving Tibetan Buddhist traditions and insights

The 17th Gyalwang , , commenced his annual online for the nun’s event in , focusing on the revered text, the Fifty Verses on the (Gurupancashika).

In his teaching reported by , he elucidated the profound relationship between a qualified guru and a qualified student, emphasizing the importance of in following an authentic guru.

The Karmapa clarified that selecting a guru based on superficial factors like fame or appearance is misguided.

Highlighting the necessity of such teachings, he warned against potential misinterpretations and misuse by certain teachers seeking followers, , or power.

Delving into the and translations of the root text, the Karmapa shared insights into various commentaries, shedding light on lesser-known details.

Drawing from Jetsun Dragpa Gyeltsan’s commentary, he discussed the authorship of the text, delving into intriguing tales surrounding Indian .

Despite facing obstacles, the Karmapa initiated the teaching, expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

This significant commentary by a major lineage head marks a notable milestone in scholarship, listeners a glimpse into evolving traditions and insights.



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