Emptiness as the Basis for Deity Yoga with Lama Yeshe
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Emptiness as the Basis for Deity Yoga with Lama Yeshe

In May 1980, delivered a profound commentary on the () method at Grizzly Lodge in California.

This discourse, focusing on emptiness , provides essential insights into the foundational principles of and practice.

Lama elucidates the significance of introspective in exploring the nature of the , emphasizing its role as the nucleus of life and the creator of existence.

Central to the meditation on emptiness is the recognition of the mind’s formless and colorless , akin to , which unveils the illusory nature of the ego’s interpretation of the self.

Throughout the discourse, Lama Yeshe emphasizes the importance of having a clear to prevent distraction and aimless wandering of the mind.

By directing attention to a specific focal point, practitioners can cultivate single-pointed and gain mastery over the restless nature of the mind.

Lama Yeshe underscores the transformative potential of meditation in dispelling egoic delusions and attaining a state of clarity and non-duality.

Through rigorous analytical meditation, individuals can unravel the layers of self-imposed limitations and awaken to the inherent of .

Ultimately, Lama Yeshe’s illuminate the path to transcending egoic constructs and realizing the profound truth of emptiness.

By relinquishing attachment to the illusory self, practitioners can unleash their innate potential and embody the enlightened qualities of the deity they seek to emulate.


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