Art for Compassion - Buddhist Exhibition Supports Nepal Vihara
Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF)

Art for Compassion – Buddhist Exhibition Supports Nepal Vihara

The Exhibition 2024 hosted at the (BGF) from May 11th to 19th, 2024, served as a dual-purpose event, showcasing exquisite artworks while raising funds for a noble cause.

The exhibition was organized to support the of a new Vihara in , dedicated to the memory of the late Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahathero, renowned for his unwavering commitment to enhancing education and living standards within the and its surrounding community.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, attendees had the opportunity to admire a diverse collection of pieces, ranging from to contemporary sculptures.

Each artwork was available for bidding, with all proceeds earmarked for the construction of the new Vihara.

The event not only celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Buddhist art but also symbolized collective solidarity in contributing towards a meaningful cause.

By leveraging the power of art to inspire generosity and , the exhibition embodied the of altruism and philanthropy championed by Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahathero.

Ultimately, the of the Buddhist Art Exhibition 2024 at BGF exemplified the transformative potential of art in effecting positive change, underscoring the profound impact of community-driven initiatives in fostering sustainable development and social welfare.


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