Insights from venerable Thubten Dekyi on redefining happiness
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Insights from venerable Thubten Dekyi on redefining happiness

In this talk Venerable Thubten Dekyi offers insights drawn from the ’s on the purpose of life as .

She challenges conventional notions by asserting that true happiness stems not from external gratifications like fame or material , but from an inner journey of introspection and .

Thubten Dekyi emphasizes the interconnectedness of all beings, advocating for a shift towards altruism and recognizing our shared humanity.

Throughout the presentation, Thubten Dekyi explores the transformative power of cultivating gratitude and meaningful connections with others.

She encourages viewers to embrace happiness as a fundamental human need, achievable through practices that nurture mindfulness and foster .

By reframing happiness as an internal state rather than a pursuit of external validations, Thubten Dekyi guides her audience towards a deeper understanding of personal fulfillment and collective well-being.

Her teachings underscore the dynamic nature of happiness, acknowledging its fluctuations and encouraging a resilient mindset that embraces life’s challenges as opportunities for growth.

Thubten Dekyi’s message resonates with the Dalai ’s , advocating for a holistic approach to happiness rooted in spiritual values and compassionate living.


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