Becoming Happier: A Conversation with Tara Brach and Arthur Brooks
Tara Brach

Becoming Happier with Arthur Brooks

This conversation with and about becoming happier delves into the roles of unhappiness and in our lives and provide insights on how to with unhappiness to cultivate a happier existence.

Arthur Brooks emphasizes that happiness is not a destination but a constant direction we strive for, encouraging awareness of unhappiness around us and taking action to alleviate in others.

Brach challenges the misconception that happiness and unhappiness are opposites, explaining that they stem from different parts of the brain and emphasizing the importance of managing emotions for personal growth.

The discussion focused into perspectives on suffering as dissatisfaction and explores the concept of finding lasting satisfaction by wanting what we already have.

They both stress the significance of managing emotions with the executive brain, addressing , and fostering and .

They also touch on the of happiness, the pursuit of pleasure, and the importance of confronting fears, including the fear of death, for a more meaningful and fulfilled life.


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