Book Culture in Buddhism and Beyond
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Book Culture in Buddhism and Beyond

In the lecture “Book in and Beyond”, Professor Ming Tak Ted Hui, a distinguished scholar in Classical Chinese and Medieval at the University of Oxford, delved into the significance of the recently discovered Khara-Khoto, an city in Inner Mongolia.

Focusing on the unearthed Āgama (Ahan jing), Hui conducted a meticulous comparative analysis between the Chinese texts from Khara-Khoto and received editions, valuable insights into the Tanguts’ handling and reprinting of manuscripts.

The lecture not only shed light on the textual variations and editorial practices of the Tanguts but also provided a nuanced perspective on in the Tangut empire during the 11th century.

Hui’s expertise and his role in the TEXTCOURT project added depth to the exploration, contributing significantly to our understanding of the of reading and Buddhism in the Tangut culture.

The lecture, part of the “Book Culture in Buddhism and Beyond” series, exemplified the series’ commitment to unraveling the intricate connections between writing, publishing, and Buddhism in East throughout history.


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