Dharma Art: Introduction to Painting with Gouache
Vajrayana Institute - AU

Dharma Art: Introduction to Painting with Gouache

In the upcoming classes, our main focus will be on students how to utilize for creating images.

While gouache is not traditionally used in this art form, it serves as an introductory for Western students who are new to .

Throughout the course, we will explore various such as color mixing, , and wet blending.

Participants will have the chance to develop their skills through practice and learn how to draw and paint , as well as .

Additionally, they will be able to paint a face that they have previously drawn.

Individuals who are unfamiliar with dharma art are encouraged to participate, as long as they approach it with an open and adaptable mindset, demonstrate and perseverance, and show a strong commitment to practicing this aspect of .

The classes will run each Saturday from 10am to 1pm throughout the first half of the year.

There will be some formal instruction as well as an opportunity to continue your painting practice at your own pace throughout this .

There will be some Saturdays when the classes are not on, so please check the VI Teaching Calendar.

, an experienced instructor, has created several Practice Books that offer a comprehensive introduction to drawing and painting supplies and methods.

If you are unfamiliar with Dharma Art and do not own any of his books, it is strongly suggested that you acquire the book on the Eight Auspicious , as we will be referring to it in these instructions and incorporating some of the .

This book is available for purchase on his website in both ebook and hard copy versions.

Since 2016, Margaret McIntyre has been studying under Andy Weber and Paul Smith.

Her main interests lie in Dharma Art and promoting active involvement in this significant practice.

Margaret has successfully created multiple traditional and has also organized a drawing class centered around .


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