Connecting the desire for freedom with everyday life
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Connecting the desire for freedom with everyday life

In this episode of the TWOII podcast, hosts Joe Conino and Brother Phap Huu reflect on their experience of recording a live podcast in London before an audience of over 400 people.

They delve into the significance of connecting the for with everyday life using as a guide.

At the core of their conversation is the idea that genuine freedom comes from within, and engaging in helps individuals tap into and nurture this internal freedom, resulting in authentic .

The hosts draw inspiration from Thich Nhat Hanh, who exemplifies freedom through his ability to generate and presence despite enduring .

Throughout the episode, they underscore the importance of , presence, and vulnerability in nurturing inner freedom, encouraging listeners to embrace these qualities ethically.

Moreover, they emphasize the transformative power of mindfulness in daily life, particularly in activities like eating and connecting with the environment.


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