Contemplative Practices Unites Emory University and Tibetan Scholars
The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Contemplative Practices Unites Emory University and Tibetan Scholars

200 individuals affiliated with gathered at Thekchen Chöling in , , for a conference titled “Investigating the Impact of Contemplative Practices.”

The meeting, co-hosted by Emory University and the Trust, began with an introduction by Geshé Negi, Executive Director of the Emory Center.

He highlighted the historic nature of the event, noting that monastic scholars were presenting research outcomes for the first .

Dr. Barbara Krauthammer, Dean of Emory College of and Sciences, expressed gratitude for the vision behind the initiative.

The discussions emphasized the value of a scientific approach to understanding the and emotions, rooted in the Tradition’s analytical methods.

The importance of secular ethics and compassion, as well as achieving of mind through mental discipline, were central themes.

Participants, including Emory students and Tibetan monastics, posed on various topics.

The responses underscored the role of intelligence and reason in addressing life’s challenges and highlighted the contribution of scientifically trained monastics to society.

The conference, supported by the Templeton Foundation, featured diverse attendees engaged in exploring the intersection of modern science and contemplative practices.


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