Delek Wangmo's journey to becoming a Geshema
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Delek Wangmo’s journey to becoming a Geshema

Geshema Delek Wangmo’s journey to becoming a Geshema, a senior nun and teacher, exemplifies resilience and dedication to .

Born in 1970 in Detsa, Eastern , Wangmo grew up in a semi-nomadic family, tending to instead of attending school.

At 15, she took nun from Tenzin Delek of Detsa .

In 1989, she undertook a 950-mile pilgrimage from Lithang to , prostrating along the way.

This arduous journey marked the beginning of her education, learning the alphabet and prayers.

Denied entry to Lhasa, she and fellow nuns journeyed to Shigatse before escaping to in 1990.

Settling at , Wangmo pursued her studies amidst challenging conditions.

In 2017, she earned the prestigious Geshema degree, equivalent to a doctorate in Tibetan .

Since 2019, she has taught at Dolma Ling, inspiring many with her story.

In 2020, Wangmo made as an election commissioner for the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.

Her lifelong dedication to education and continues to inspire others, reflecting her unwavering commitment to the path of .

Her achievements underscore the transformative power of perseverance and faith.


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