Ethical Conduct Is the Essence of Dharma Practice
The Buddho Foundation

Ethical Conduct Is the Essence of Dharma Practice

The and explain of morality, how to adhere to them, and what happens when we fail to meet the standards.

Buddhists recognize that there is a greater significance to life than simply indulging in pleasure, accumulating , attaining power, achieving social standing, and garnering admiration in the present.

They believe that achieving a fortunate rebirth, liberation, and are of utmost importance in the grand scheme of things.

We strive to minimize and ultimately eliminate afflictions that impede us from fulfilling our spiritual destiny.

We are guided by ethical codes to control our physical, verbal, and mental behavior. These codes involve from a spiritual guide and provide specific instructions on how to conduct ourselves.

Mental development is the process of decreasing negative mental states and increasing positive ones, in order to be able to meditate with single-pointed and gain insight into emptiness.

In order to achieve focus, it is essential to cultivate and introspective awareness in order to overcome both external and internal distractions.

This is done through the practice of ethical conduct.


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