Exploring Bodhi Samadhi with Pomnyun Sunim
Kungto Society - KR

Liberation from the struggles associated with duality

In this Q&A venerable delves into the concept of , elucidating the ’ pursuit of this state characterized by from , distraction, and stress.

Contrary to conventional notions of goodness, Bodhi Samadhi’s allure lies not in any inherent virtue but in its capacity to transcend dualities such as good and bad experiences.

Pomnyun emphasizes the interconnectedness of good and bad, positing that to alleviate suffering, one must relinquish to both.

In this way, Bodhi Samadhi emerges as a gateway to liberation from the struggles associated with duality.

Throughout the discussion, Pomnyun Sunim underscores Bodhi Samadhi as a state of profound freedom, wherein practitioners transcend the limitations of conventional judgments and experiences.

By embracing Bodhi Samadhi, individuals attain a state of equipoise, unburdened by the fluctuations of positive and negative circumstances.


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