Exploring Grief and Healing with Gen Don Handrick
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Exploring Grief and Healing with Gen Don Handrick

This session about “Learning from Grief with ” starts with designed to assess the physical and mental states of participants without judgment.

These encourage the release of physical and mental stressors, promoting , calmness, and clarity.

Gen Don Handrick shares his personal experiences with grief, including the loss of his mother, and emphasizes the importance of addressing grief healthily.

He discusses the widespread grief experienced during the pandemic and underscores the need for self-care and professional help when necessary.

Participants also share their personal experiences of loss, highlighting the universal nature of grief and the crucial role of community and support.

Through these shared stories, the session fosters a sense of connection and collective , validating the diverse experiences and emotions associated with grief.

Gen Don Handrick highlights the importance of embracing vulnerability and finding strength, , and the ability to help others through experiences of loss.

He discusses the complexities of the grieving process, debunking the misconception of the five stages of grief as linear and universal.

Emphasizing the necessity of experiencing sadness and depression as part of healing, Gen Don Handrick shares personal stories and spiritual to guide viewers in navigating their grief.

During the conversation, Gen Don Handrick leads a reflection inspired by Joan Halifax Roshi’s book “Being with Dying,” helping the audience open up to the pain of grief.

He underscores that emotions like sadness, , , and anxiety do not define individuals but are part of the journey towards and strength.

By reframing grief as an opportunity for growth, Gen Don Handrick shares stories and quotes, such as David White’s insight on vulnerability, to illustrate how grief can foster emotional resilience.

Through , personal anecdotes, and practical advice, Handrick provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and growing from grief, encouraging practitioners to find meaning and extend to themselves and others in their healing process.

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