Exploring Kālacakra Duchen and Amitabha Day with Adele Tomblin
Dakini Translations - Adele Tomlin

Exploring Kālacakra Duchen and Amitabha Day with Adele Tomblin

In this article commemorates a significant day in the , the 23rd of April 2024, which coincides with both Kālacakra Duchen and Day.

This auspicious occasion, observed on the of the third , holds immense importance in practice.

Adele highlights the historical significance of this day, tracing back to the of on at the great of Dhānyakaṭak in .

The Kalachakra tradition, originating in the 5th century B.C. in southeastern India, has been preserved and transmitted through generations, eventually reaching in the 11th century.

Through her , Adele sheds light on the rich and lineage of Kalachakra in Tibet, with notable figures such as Kunpangpa and the 3rd , , contributing significantly to its development and understanding.

Adele also emphasizes the ongoing scholarly inquiry into the transmission of Kalachakra empowerments within the Gelugpa lineage, underscoring the complexities of this profound teaching.

Overall, Adele Tomlin offers valuable insights into the cultural and spiritual significance of Kālacakra Duchen and Amitabha Day, highlighting the enduring legacy of these observances in tradition.


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