Pomnyun Sunim on finding worth in life's journey
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Pomnyun Sunim on finding worth in life’s journey

In this Q&A Venerable reflects on the significance of goals and achievements in life.

He begins by discussing how, as we age, the importance of past accomplishments diminishes.

Using a high school math as an analogy, he illustrates how what once seemed crucial eventually becomes trivial.

This shift highlights that the effort put into achieving goals and accepting their outcomes is more important than the goals themselves.

Pomnyun encourages practitioneers to reflect on their experiences and understand that:

The value of a goal lies in the process of pursuing it rather than its outcome.

He suggests that life should focus not on the end results but on the daily efforts and purpose we bring to our activities.

This perspective helps maintain a balanced mindset, regardless of whether our goals are positive or negative.

Furthermore, Pomnyun discusses the nature of our dreams and ambitions, noting their impact on our mental state.

He emphasizes that if certain goals become unattainable or seem meaningless, it is essential to let go of and focus on the present.

This practice of detachment and , he asserts, is key to making life worthwhile.


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