Guru Dragpo and Shitro Pujas with Ayang Rinpoche
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Guru Dragpo and Shitro Pujas with Ayang Rinpoche

In tradition, the end of each lunar year is marked by the performance of wrathful pujas, such as the , aimed at dispelling negativity and obstacles to usher in a filled with opportunity and fortune.

The annual Dragpo puja will soon take place at Thupten Shedrub Jangchub Ling in Bylakuppe, , led by ’s .

Following this, the Shitro Puja, honoring the Hundred and , will be observed.

This puja serves to aid the deceased in their and liberation, with made to the hundred deities and prayers dedicated to those in the intermediate state.

Ayang emphasizes the significance of this ceremony in guiding departed beings towards liberation.

Participants are invited to submit names of departed loved ones for inclusion in the prayer list by February 22.


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